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Disability Awareness and Etiquette

Disability etiquette refers to the set of social conventions and behaviors that individuals can adopt to interact respectfully and inclusively with people who have disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive piece of legislation in the United States that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and ensures equal opportunities in various areas of public life. While disability etiquette is not explicitly outlined in the ADA, the principles of respectful and inclusive behavior align with the spirit of the ADA in promoting equal rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It complements the overarching goals and principles of the legislation. Practicing disability etiquette fosters a more inclusive and supportive environment, contributing to the overall objectives of the ADA in promoting equality and preventing discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

(Approximate time: 120 Min Total)

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  • Introduction
  • Disability Awareness and Etiquette
  • Module 1
  • Why Access Matters
  • Module 2
  • Definition of Disability
  • Module 3
  • Etiquette Guidelines
  • Module 4
  • Interacting with People with Physical Disabilities
  • Module 5
  • Deaf Etiquette & Culture
  • Deaf Culture Video
  • Module 6
  • Interacting with People with Cognitive Disabilities
  • Module 7
  • Language
  • Quiz
  • Disability Awareness and Etiquette Quiz (10 Questions)
  • Survey
  • Training Course Satisfaction Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Disability Awareness and Etiquette, Why Access Matters, Definition of Disability, Etiquette Guidelines, Interacting with People with Physical Disabilities, Deaf Etiquette & Culture, Deaf Culture Video, Interacting with People with Cognitive Disabilities, Language, Disability Awareness and Etiquette Quiz (10 Questions)"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever