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ADA History and Overview

The ADA represents a historic milestone, as it is the first comprehensive civil rights law focused on persons with disabilities. The ADA opens the doors to participation in employment, state and local government programs, public accommodations, telecommunications, and transportation by prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities, their families, and friends. This course goes on a journey through the history of the ADA. We will summarize the history of Civil Rights Laws and the ADA in the United States, recognize the five titles of the ADA and its enforcement agencies, define disability, and examine rights and responsibilities of people with disabilities. (Approximate time: 60 Min)

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  • Introduction
  • ADA Overview
  • ADA History and Overview
  • Module 1
  • History and Purpose of the ADA
  • Module 2
  • Title I: Employment
  • Module 3
  • Title II: State and Local Government
  • Module 4
  • Title III: Public Accommodations
  • Module 5
  • Title IV & V: Telecommunications and Miscellaneous
  • Module 6
  • 2010 ADA Standards
  • Quiz
  • ADA History and Overview
  • Survey
  • Training Course Satisfaction Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "ADA Overview, ADA History and Overview, History and Purpose of the ADA, Title I: Employment, Title II: State and Local Government, Title III: Public Accommodations, Title IV & V: Telecommunications and Miscellaneous, 2010 ADA Standards, ADA History and Overview"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years